Get. Away.

1st day! No kids!

1st day! No kids!

As I write this, Brian and I are flying back to London from Croatia on our first solo getaway since our honeymoon back in September of 2009. The trip lasted only 3 days but aside from the inevitable twinges of guilt I felt (Face-timing with the kids the second day= big mistake!), it was just what the doctor ordered. If you’ve never been to Dubrovnik and are thinking of adding it to your bucket list, I’d highly recommend it. The walled city was built in the 1500’s perched up on a cliff looking out over every shade of blue and green of the Adriatic Sea. It was bombed to bits in the early 90’s by over 2,000 shells when they broke from the Serbs as the Republic of Croatia. They very recently joined the European Union on the first of July. Some highlights of our “relaxing” vaca included kayaking, jet skiing, swimming, and jogging around Old Town. We took a cable car to the top of the hill and visited the tiny open-air War Museum. The city has recovered well and is thriving from all the tourism. There was so much to see and do and the Croatian people were very sweet and welcoming. And tall.  I am used to being slightly below eye level in most parts of the world but it is not often that my 6’3″ husband tells me he feels short! 
As I write this we are an hour away from landing and I cannot wait to see my kids! Luckily Brian’s cousin MaryKate is spending the summer with us in London and was gracious enough to watch them for the weekend. I feel incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to step away from the daily chaos and enjoy each other’s company in such a beautiful corner of the world, but at the same time ready to get back to London, the babies and routine, and see all of you. Needless to say coming back to the city there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding the arrival of the Royal Baby! I can only imagine what Kate must have been feeling with the entire country- actually- the world- awaiting the introduction of her son. I think it would be safe to say that each and every one of us knows all too well the physical and emotional toll of labor, delivery, and entrance into motherhood can have you craving privacy and peace. I hope for her sake that she gets as much quiet time and privacy with her family and new son as she needs and deserves. 
Congratulations to Heather Friedman, winner of the food diary challenge and £50 Waitrose gift card. Did anyone who participated find it as helpful as i did? It was truly eye opening for me. Tomorrow we will be meeting for a FUN circuit workout and the announcement of a new 14 day challenge. As many of you have shared with me your goals of weight loss, this one will be of particular interest to you. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, this challenge may help increase your energy levels, allow you to sleep better, clear up your skin, prevent diabetes, and more. I will announce the challenge at class tomorrow and if you are interested in participating, please let me know! 
Ok at this point most of you are probably looking for the Unsubscribe button. As always, if you have any feedback for me or ideas for class, please let me know. From 9:30 to 10:30 you give me an hour of your time and in return I want to make it as fun and as productive as possible for YOU… After all, the rest of our days are usually spent worrying about others ; )
See you tomorrow!

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