Life’s a Beach!

Hello ladies!

We are back at my parents’ house from a fun but EXHAUSTING beach holiday. We had a constant stream of visitors, many under the age of 2, throughout the week. Lots of late nights and early mornings. We packed up the beach house this morning and somehow made it out of Newport alive and in one piece, three of us sleeping and one of us groggy eyed and driving. I deem it a success. 
While I’ve been home I’ve been trying to check out other classes and get fun, new ideas and workouts to bring back to you.  Yesterday I dragged my brother, his girlfriend, and my dad to Yoga on the Beach. We loved every second of it. Yoga is rejuvenating to begin with, and what better setting for a mind-body workout than the sea, the sand, and the sky? Here is a photo of our instructor Shannon:
Now I have to tell you about one of the coolest group fitness experiences of my life. Late last week my brother Jim and his girlfriend Bre convinced Brian, my other brother and I to wake up at 6am and join them at Harvard football Stadium for a workout put on by The November Project. Has anyone heard of this phenomenal grassroots workout in the US? Last November, these 2 Boston guys started inviting their friends to work out with them at Harvard Stadium as a way to keep each other motivated to stay in shape during the winter. Friends told friends. More and more people started hearing about it and had to check it out for themselves. Now the November Project has grown to epic proportions. Every Wednesday they hold an open workout for anyone who would like to join them for a morning spent sprinting up the entire length of bleachers at Harvard Stadium as fast as you can. Every now and then they would ring a cowbell which meant you had to get down and do either burpees or push-ups. We left feeling wobbly and humbled, but exhilarated! The guys who run it are hilarious and had us laughing the whole time. The vibe was so positive and the comraderie was awe-inspiring. I was completely shocked by the amount of people who showed up ready to work their butts off at 6 in the morning.
There I am, in the 5th row down, with 100 other “newbies” after our first NP workout. 
Tomorrow morning I meet up with my old friends at Stroller Strides in Providence RI. Another wonderful group of moms finding creative ways to incorporate fitness into motherhood.  I am feeling ready to come back armed with fresh new ideas and a renewed excitement to share my passion with the loveliest women and babies in London- that would be all of you  ; )
Thank you to everyone who is doing the plank challenge with me! Great job with the daily check-ins! If anyone would like to hop on board for this week, just let me know! Who doesn’t want a stronger core, less backache, and perfect posture? Let me know and I will add you to our list.
Thank you also for keeping me in the loop on what’s new with you and your little ones! I love love love hearing from you. Have a great week working out together and remember to drink loads of water, pace yourself, stretch, and pat each other on the backs for a job well done in my absence.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

How did everyone do on the greens challenge? Although I stuck to the plan to include greens at every meal, I certainly fell short in other areas (time to lay off all the celebratory drinks!).
Whether you are are just getting back into exercise or are training for a race or athletic event, we are all looking for ways to strengthen our core. For the next 14 days I will be planking for at least 2 minutes each morning! Who’s with me? For this challenge, I would love your input on how to make it robust and hold each other accountable. Email check-ins, photos on facebook, tips on new plank variations, or just personal feelings/ goals for strengthening your core are all beneficial to the group as a whole.  Some important tips for your daily plank:
Keep breathing
Chins up!
Abs in
Mix it up with side plank, hip dips, glute raises, and finish with superman 
Increase your time a little bit every day!
If you are interested in participating just shoot me an email and I will form our email chain by Tuesday.
If you are doing a 10 pack or 3 month package I will be following up with 3 new workouts to stay motivated and super fit this week.
Photos to come! Looking forward to hearing from you!
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