Break out the leg-warmers and tap into your Inner 80’s Aerobics Instructor

Hello ladies, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend! After a long week of catching up on work, getting Cecelia settled at her new nursery, chasing after a newly walking little boy, and recovering from jet lag, I hit a wall on Friday night. When Brian arrived home around 7pm I went to lay down for 5 minutes, which lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I woke up fully clothed and confused. Thankfully I felt much better on Saturday and we made up for my party pooping by going out to sushi with my cousin Ali at Eight Over Eight on Kings Road. Who has been? Delicious. I found an old workout video in my collection that I put on when the kids were sleeping called Totally Fit. I was loving the crazy outfits (scrunch socks, neon, big hair) which gave me some inspiration for our Thursday workout (see below). Speaking of which, if anyone has any fun ideas or new themes please send them my way! I love to keep things fresh and interesting. There is nothing positive or healthy about doing the same workout routine over and over. If you are finding yourself in a workout rut, put an end to it by attending one or all of our workouts this week: Monday: HIIT! If you have never tried a true High Intensity Interval Workout then here is your chance. This is a workout ANYONE can do, so don’t be intimidated. Just get ready to release endorphins and leave class feeling a million times better than when you arrived. Tums and Bums Tuesday: many of you have told me you are attending weddings, formal events, and/or traveling home or to an exotic location in the near future. Whatever your reason is for going the extra mile with your workouts, you will not want to miss this workout! Get ready to challenge muscles in your lower half that you never even knew existed. Throwback Thursday: who remembers the days of full makeup, curled bangs with gallons of hairspray, leg warmers, leotards, sweatbands, and high top sneakers? Tap into your inner 80’s Aerobics Instructor and get ready to sweat it out on Thursday. I may need to dig back for some Debbie Gibson and Tiffany just for the occasion. Any other requests? Madonna’s Immaculate Collection you say? Ok, twist my arm. Don’t act like you’re not excited! For anyone who hasn’t heard, we are trying a Thursday session at 4pm by the Speke Monument near the Italian Gardens for the next few weeks. If it continues to be well attended, we will keep it going on a permanent basis. If you are interested in joining this class please email me ahead if time (24 hours notice would be great!) so I know how many to expect. Looking forward to seeing you all this week! Cheers, Kerri


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