Buggy Bootcamp Week Ahead

Hey ladies,

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend in London (or wherever else you may be!) Last day of summer- can you believe it? Aside from some nice easy workouts, a trip to the farmer’s market, scooter practice and a big Italian dinner at Sale a Pepe in Knightsbridge, we laid pretty low. Everyone seemed to need a break from all the rushing around so we just went with it. I look forward to hearing what you all were up to tomorrow morning!

A few announcements:

Recently we started meeting on Thursday afternoons for a workout near Speke Monument to try to accommodate those who were unable to make it to our morning classes. After getting feedback on timing and days (and the fact that the sun will start setting earlier and earlier), our new class will be on Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm, meeting at the Royal Albert Hall steps (just a minute or two from the original location at the Speke Monument). So our new schedule will be:

Mon 9:30am Serpentine
Tues 9:30am Serpentine
Wed 2pm at Royal Albert Hall steps
Thurs 9:30am Serpentine

Next week we will be starting our Fall Fitness Challenge! This challenge will take us right through the holidays so get ready and let me know if you are on board as it will begin a week from tomorrow! The challenge will include weekly workouts, wellness and nutrition challenges, and tips to get you ready for all the upcoming holiday parties you want to look your best for! Email me at kerrimholland@ymail.com if you are in and I will fill you in on the details 🙂

This week’s theme is “those last few kilos.” To lose a pound (about 1/2 a kilo), you must burn 3,500 calories. To lose one pound a week you must burn or take in 500 calories less than usual each day. If you are looking to shed those last few kilos, join us this week for 4 FUN calorie torching sessions.

Monday: Tabata: you know the drill. 20 seconds high intensity all- out effort, followed by a 10 second rest period. on and off for 4 minutes. We will repeat this at each station for a workout that will keep your metabolism revved for the rest of the day!

Tuesday: Plyometrics (also known as jump training). Watch your energy levels soar as you skip, jump, and side shuffle your svelte self through Hyde Park. We will be alternating between cardio drills and resistance toning.

Wednesday: cue the Rocky theme music… stairs are one of the best ways to get fit FAST. We have plenty of combinations to experiment with on Wednesday so get ready to step it up.

Thursday: Yoga and light cardio to end the week! We will end each station with Asanas and get the babies out of they buggies for some group tummy time.

Looking forward to seeing you all! I wish you all a full night’s sleep!



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