Buggy Bootcamp Week Ahead

Hello all!

I hope you all managed to stay dry on this less-than-stellar day! Last night we enjoyed an EXCELLENT meal at Osteria Basilica in Notting Hill. All you foodies out there will want to add this gem to your dining bucket list in the near future. And when you do, add 2 to your reservation as Brian and I will want to join you. The food was so fresh and the service was excellent. Today we were planning on meeting a photographer in the park to get a Christmas card photo but ended up postponing it. Instead we bussed it out to a soft play centre to kill some time indoors. What do you all do with your children on days like today? Do tell. I could really use some new ideas.

Speaking of rain, a lot of you have been asking: how will we know if our workout is still on during a rain shower? Answer: your workout will very rarely be canceled. We do after all, live in London and therefore we should all have proper rain covers and rain gear for ourselves in case of rain. If it is canceled, I will email you all as soon as possible and will also post it on Facebook.com/buggybootcamphydepark. However, if it is lightly drizzling, we will meet at our usual spot by the Serpentine Kitchen and then head over to the nearby covered gazebo. This week’s forecast is looking a bit damp so I do have a call in to Whole Foods to use their room indoors. If it is available and we need it, I will email you all ASAP. On a side note, if anyone knows of an indoor space (church, leisure center, store, etc.) that is centrally located and may be open to letting us run our classes through the winter, please let me know.

I won’t bore you with my favorite rainy day joke.

On second thought yes I will.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
“Fo drizzle!”

Here is what we have on the agenda for the next few days:

Minute Monday: You can do anything for a minute. Tomorrow’s class will be a perfect mix of cardio and strength training, alternating small and large muscle movements for an all-over burn.

Tummy Tuesday: I know, I know… You all want your pre-pregnancy abs back! Let’s combine focused core work with fat-burning cardio to make it happen.

Wednesday: Stairs! You know you love them. A little. Not that much. Ok, not at all. But hey, they are pretty effective in getting you fit fast. So plan on being there!

Thursday: Pilates and light cardio. We have some brand new stretches and poses specially designed for new mums so let’s finish the week strong.

Congratulations to Julie Furtwengler, who tallied up the most points last week on the Fall Fitness Challenge! Who will be this week’s winner? Please continue to keep track of your points and email me when you have a chance. I am so, so excited and inspired by all of you who are participating, and hope you are finding that the little changes are making a big difference.

Cecelia, Micky and Finn on the top of Primrose Hill





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