Happy Pills

Hello all,

I hope you all had a super weekend. Brian and I went to see a fantastic musical called Once at the Phoenix Theater. We also enjoyed a super-fun Bootcamp workout at Slice, here in Parsons Green. You ladies who live locally must check it out, the crèche was perfect for M and C, and I found the Bootcamp class I took surprisingly challenging. However, if I’m being truthful, the real highlight of my weekend was catching up on some much-needed sleep (Thanks Bri)! Here is what’s in store for the week ahead:

Monday: HIIT (high intensity interval training): you’ve heard about it, you’ve promised yourself you’d try it. Here’s your chance to burn crazy calories and experience an all-day endorphin high. 30 second bursts of energy in an easy-hard-hardest format repeated in sets of 2 and 3. Do just one HIIT session per week and see noticeable results by New Years!

Tuesday: Isometrics and Plyometrics! Isometrics: contracting a muscle against resistance without any range of motion (think: plank hold). Plyometrics: looking like you’ve overdosed on your happy pills (think: skipping, leaping, side shuffling). That sounds fun, but will it be effective? Just ask any strength and conditioning coach. There’s a reason these tried and true workout methods have been around for like, ever.

Wednesday: Cardioga! Let’s get our cardio in early and then wind down with some restorative, stress relieving yoga for the second half of class.

There will be no class this Thursday. I’ll be cooking, baking, and eating my way through Thanksgiving day! Here is an at-home workout for all you proper Brits (and Aussies, Swedes, Kiwis, Italians, Spaniards, Indians, who am I forgetting?) out there who think we crazy Americans miiiiight want to consider finding other ways to celebrate our past than consuming every calorie in sight:

Turkey Trot Workout

10 star jump starters
10 turkey tricep dips (on a bench or chair)
10 stuffing step-outs (two feet on the band, step out side to side)
10 bread and butter bicep curls (add squat)
30 second pumpkin pie push-ups (add glute lift if you’re feeling it!)
10 burpees
1 minute apple pie plank
40 stomach aches (mason twists)

Repeat 3x. Don’t forget to stretch and properly hydrate!

Speaking of indulgences, check out this week’s Fall Fitness Challenge recipe for sweet potato almond butter muffins! I’ll be making them for T-Day and will let you know if they are as tasty as they sound.


We are now getting down to the last couple weeks of our Fall Fitness Challenge! Thank you all for keeping up the good work. Now let’s push for a strong finish! Send me your weekly and cumulative points and I will tally them up. If you have been lacking in motivation over the last week or so, join me in a 14 day sugar- free detox to complete the challenge (starting AFTER Thursday, conveniently). We will be passing on any refined, sugary, sweetener-laced treats and loading up on fresh fruit and herbal tea instead. Cutting out the white stuff can provide major benefits and help alleviate some unpleasant symptoms including: mood swings, acne, irritability, tooth decay, weight gain, sleeplessness, even depression. Need I say more?

A couple quick notes:

1.) our indoor classes will start late January, not December as previously stated.

2.) Thursday, December 12th we will be having a cocktail party which you are all invited to attend. Just don’t leave your husbands by the mistletoe, Cece cannot be trusted in the presence of handsome men. I wish I was joking! Please let me know if you can make it!

See you tomorrow!

Peace, love, and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep,


Bits and Bobs

Dear lovely ladies of Buggy Bootcamp,

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. Did anyone do anything unique or interesting? We went to see The Light Princess at the National Theater on Friday night. It was fantastic. This eclectic show mixed modern screening methods with old-fashioned theatrical techniques (men dressed in black helped give the illusion of the Light Princess “floating” in mid air by propping her up by their feet throughout the entire performance. I was tired for them!). The show was beautifully written and exquisitely performed and really felt like an escape. I highly recommend.

A couple quick announcements:

* Buggy Bootcamp holiday party on Thursday, the 12th of December. Let’s get sitters and have a cocktail or two with the hubs! It will either be held at the Cadogan Arms on Kings Road or at my house in Parsons Green. Festive attire. ***Please let me know either way if you are able to attend so I may plan accordingly!***

* As some of you are aware, I have FINALLY located an indoor space for the winter. I must have contacted over 50 different churches, leisure centers, stores, discovery centers, and even pubs all over central London. Thank god I was looking for an indoor workout venue and not a prom date! The new location is the beautiful Saint Dionis Church right on Parsons Green. It is a newly refurbished, well- lit space with a lift up for the buggies. On Tuesdays they also hold a free playgroup at the church which you are all welcome to attend after! There are parking options for anyone interested in driving, and it is a 30 second walk from both the tube stop and bus stop (Parsons Green on the District Line). I realize this may not be convenient for everyone and I truly wish I had access to something more central to accommodate you all equally. For that reason I am still going to offer classes throughout the winter in Hyde Park, outside. I will only have one regular class a week indoors, and move other classes inside if it is far too cold/wet to hold it outdoors (in which case I will post on Facebook or email you the morning of). We will see how it goes the month of December and make necessary adjustments as time goes on. Having said all that, here is our new winter schedule as of December 1:

Monday: Hyde Park 9:30am
Tuesday: Saint Dionis Church: 10am
Wednesday 2pm: Hyde Park (Royal Albert Hall monument)
Thursday: Hyde Park: 9:30am

* Please note, depending on Wednesday afternoon attendance over the next few weeks, we may be dropping the afternoon class. If you feel strongly about keeping this class later in the day, you’ll need to start recruiting some friends to join you! We’ll reassess in the next couple weeks.

* Also, there will be no class the week of December 23rd through January 16th. If you are on a 3 month package, your package will be extended by 3 weeks.

A friend recently asked me if I had any easy, healthy kids’ snack recipes. As your babies grow older and start experimenting with solids and finger foods, what foods will you introduce to them? Here are a few of my favorite easy, healthy, whole-food based standbys that are able to satisfy both yours and your little ones’ appetites on the go:

Ants on a log: an old favorite, as long as your child has been cleared of any nut allergies it is an easy go-to between meals. Chop up celery stalks, spread with almond, peanut or cashew butter, then sprinkle with raisins. Full of fiber, healthy fats, and even a cheeky serving of veg.

Veggie and fruit kebabs: dice up cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, broccoli and add to skewer. Or dice up watermelon, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and kiwi to satisfy a sweet tooth. Kids love to dip! I usually offer a small tub of hummus, pesto mayo, or coconut yogurt for dipping.

Kiddie trail mix: mix together: dried blueberries or banana chips, food doctor roasted bean and pea mix, raisins, muesli, and chopped walnuts. Pour into a snack trap and you’re golden til lunchtime.

Toddler chopped salad: as long as your child’s salad doesn’t contain large spinach or romaine leaves they may not be as opposed to the idea as you may guess. Mix together chickpeas, edamame, black beans, diced tomatoes, corn, tomatoes, and avocado. Sometimes I dice up baby shrimp and shake all ingredients in a container with a tsp of Italian dressing. Slap on a bib and let them get messy.

Veggie toast: take a slice of whole grain bread and toast. Then spread with avocado. Slice two cucumber “eyes,” add a dab of hummus, dot each with a black bean. A carrot or sliced firm tofu makes a great nose, broccoli for hair, and a sliced red pepper for the smile. Most kids are thrilled to see their snack smiling back at them!

If I don’t say it often enough, let me say it now. Thank you ALL so much for coming and bringing your positive energy to class so consistently. It is so gratifying to hear such positive feedback and see so many friendships form as a result of this class. I do hope it continues and please keep an open dialogue with me if there is anything we could be doing better to help you and your little one get the most out of each class.

Don’t forget to send me your Fall Fitness Challenge points! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Tricks and Treats

Hi ladies,

I hope you all had a lovely lovely weekend. Katy D, how did you do in the 10K? Did anyone bring their little ones out for trick or treating? We are currently entertaining my mom, aunt, and three cousins here at our new home in Parsons Green, and loving every second. It has been so much fun exploring the new neighborhood, scouting out playgrounds and cafés, cooking meals together, and enjoying a few nights out (we went back to Eight Over Eight where my aunt tried sushi for the first time, and sampled the local scene at the White Horse Tavern down the street). When we weren’t unpacking, we visited several farmers markets and did a sprint workout at Eel Brook Common which really got the blood flowing on this rather brisk, yet beautiful, weekend. It was also so nice to have our doorbell ring with trick-or-treaters looking for treats (I wasn’t the Halloween Scrooge giving out organic raisins Molly Rosedale, I promise!).

Here is what is in store for the week ahead:

Monday: Bums and Tums. Back by popular demand, we will be focusing on our core strength by making creative use of our buggies, benches, and our own body weight. Make sure to bring your mat or towel.

Tuesday: unfortunately class will be canceled today. I have an all-day appointment with a service provider, and will also be seeing off my family in the morning. If you are on a 3 month package, feel free to add an extra day on to the end of your membership. Thank you for understanding!

Wednesday: High Intensity Interval Training on the stairs! I don’t care what the IT workout is at the moment. There is nothing more effective than revving up your metabolism with high intensity bursts of energy followed by periods of rest. Hello endorphins 🙂

Thursday: yogalates. The love-child of Yoga and Pilates will complete our week after a bit of light cardio to loosen up the joints following a week of intense sweat sessions. Let’s get the babies involved and have a little fun.

Fall Fitness Challenge weekly recipe: cauliflower rice!

This seasonal veggie deserves some time in the spotlight after my cousin Ali shared her favorite paleo-friendly carb alternative with us for dinner this evening. We took two heads of cauliflower, chopped and shredded in the food processor, set aside. Sautéed a little olive oil, diced up a shallot, let sit until slightly browned. We added the cauliflower, a bit more olive oil, then some Food Doctor paprika and chili seasoning, and voila: a perfect little “rice” dish without any processed carbs. It was absolutely delicious and easy to make.

This morning I made an apple pie smoothie for the crowd which was a big hit as well:

2 chopped, peeled apples
1 cup vanilla almond milk
Small handful kale
1/4 cup frozen spinach
Frozen banana
Dash of Cinnamon

I had to make more for our guests as it ran out quick. I ran out of apples so I squeezed an Ella’s Kitchen apple sweet potato pack into the blender with the other ingredients, and it tasted great!

Over the next few weeks I will be taking your best recipes for easy, healthy snacks for you and your little one (if they are on solids yet). I will feature 3 in next week’s email.

Congratulations to Diana Shahzad, winner of last week’s Fall Fitness Challenge! Don’t forget to email me your points for this past week. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Trick or treat!