Tricks and Treats

Hi ladies,

I hope you all had a lovely lovely weekend. Katy D, how did you do in the 10K? Did anyone bring their little ones out for trick or treating? We are currently entertaining my mom, aunt, and three cousins here at our new home in Parsons Green, and loving every second. It has been so much fun exploring the new neighborhood, scouting out playgrounds and cafés, cooking meals together, and enjoying a few nights out (we went back to Eight Over Eight where my aunt tried sushi for the first time, and sampled the local scene at the White Horse Tavern down the street). When we weren’t unpacking, we visited several farmers markets and did a sprint workout at Eel Brook Common which really got the blood flowing on this rather brisk, yet beautiful, weekend. It was also so nice to have our doorbell ring with trick-or-treaters looking for treats (I wasn’t the Halloween Scrooge giving out organic raisins Molly Rosedale, I promise!).

Here is what is in store for the week ahead:

Monday: Bums and Tums. Back by popular demand, we will be focusing on our core strength by making creative use of our buggies, benches, and our own body weight. Make sure to bring your mat or towel.

Tuesday: unfortunately class will be canceled today. I have an all-day appointment with a service provider, and will also be seeing off my family in the morning. If you are on a 3 month package, feel free to add an extra day on to the end of your membership. Thank you for understanding!

Wednesday: High Intensity Interval Training on the stairs! I don’t care what the IT workout is at the moment. There is nothing more effective than revving up your metabolism with high intensity bursts of energy followed by periods of rest. Hello endorphins 🙂

Thursday: yogalates. The love-child of Yoga and Pilates will complete our week after a bit of light cardio to loosen up the joints following a week of intense sweat sessions. Let’s get the babies involved and have a little fun.

Fall Fitness Challenge weekly recipe: cauliflower rice!

This seasonal veggie deserves some time in the spotlight after my cousin Ali shared her favorite paleo-friendly carb alternative with us for dinner this evening. We took two heads of cauliflower, chopped and shredded in the food processor, set aside. Sautéed a little olive oil, diced up a shallot, let sit until slightly browned. We added the cauliflower, a bit more olive oil, then some Food Doctor paprika and chili seasoning, and voila: a perfect little “rice” dish without any processed carbs. It was absolutely delicious and easy to make.

This morning I made an apple pie smoothie for the crowd which was a big hit as well:

2 chopped, peeled apples
1 cup vanilla almond milk
Small handful kale
1/4 cup frozen spinach
Frozen banana
Dash of Cinnamon

I had to make more for our guests as it ran out quick. I ran out of apples so I squeezed an Ella’s Kitchen apple sweet potato pack into the blender with the other ingredients, and it tasted great!

Over the next few weeks I will be taking your best recipes for easy, healthy snacks for you and your little one (if they are on solids yet). I will feature 3 in next week’s email.

Congratulations to Diana Shahzad, winner of last week’s Fall Fitness Challenge! Don’t forget to email me your points for this past week. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Trick or treat!



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