Kickin It

Happy Sunday all,

It was a lovely first week back catching up with all of you and I was thrilled to see our first indoor session so well attended. I know many of you are trekking it from far away places so I welcome your feedback on how we can make it as worthwhile for you as possible. How was everyone’s weekend? We spent our Saturday morning at Cecelia’s first soccer (football) practice. I suppose this officially makes me a soccer mom? What do they call us here in London? Football mummies? I still can’t believe that’s me now. Out on the field at 10am with all the other mums of 2 year olds looking for early signs of giftedness (I won’t hold my breath!). The coaches did a fantastic job keeping short attention spans in check. I would highly recommend The Little Foxes Club ( to anyone looking to get their child started in an organized sport. Aside from soccer practice, birthday parties and a little dinner at Vicino with the hubs (comfortable and delicious Italian restaurant in Parsons Green on New Kings Road) we managed to stay pretty low key this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all were up to tomorrow!

Is anyone in need of a gently used jogging buggy? If so, please contact Annie Cooper ( whose friend is selling her old Bob Ironman (a very good jogger).

Does anyone know of any nannies/sitters looking for extra hours? I am once again on the hunt for some coverage during class time (Mon, Tues, and Thurs 8a-12:30-ish). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the plan for the week ahead:

Monday: let’s start our week off right with a proper tabata session! 20 seconds max intensity, 10 seconds rest. 450 calories burned. This workout can be tailored to any fitness level and will make you feel like Superwoman for the rest of the day. Come give it a try!

Tuesday: Tums and Bums! Let’s meet inside for a not-to-be-missed core workout that will tap the source of all athletic movement and target trouble spots like inner thighs, glutes, and lower abs. Goodbye mummy tummy 🙂

Thursday: Rise and Run! Short bursts of walking, jogging, running or sprinting (your choice), combined with energizing yoga sequences to loosen up stuff joints and cap off a perfect week of workouts.

Who out there is sticking to their guns on the 14-day sleep challenge? Click here for 10 reasons to kill the TV right now and get your zzz’s:,17681

See you all in the morning! Sleep tight!




Woodstock: Peace, Love, and Sledding

Dislike sprawling mountain vistas, charming bed and breakfasts, red covered bridges, snow coated white churches and bustling farmer’s markets? Can’t stand the thought of your neighbor selling fresh maple syrup, indulging in a blueberry beer from a local brewery, or toasting your toes in a ski lodge? If so, you would detest Woodstock, Vermont. Named The Prettiest Small Town in America for good reason, this is where we have set up shop for the last 7 days. I’ve just snuck away to the town rec center for a quickie workout and realized that after herds of McGowans and Hollands shuffling in and out of the house this is the first time I’ve heard my own thoughts since we left London. Can’t say that’s a bad thing though. Here in Woodstock, mornings are the enticing aroma of steaming hot pancakes and coffee, while the afternoons are sledding, skating and skiing. Evenings are loud family dinners, crackling fire, wine, and movies. Several fierce hockey games broke out over the course of the week and all the kids now have a beautiful rosy color to their cheeks. It was nice to take a break from the traditional workout routine in favor of trudging through knee deep snow and taking a few runs down the slopes. We’ll start packing up today and head down to my parent’s house tomorrow for some serious down time (who am I kidding, we all know I’ll find a way to sabotage that!). I am so looking forward to seeing childhood and college friends, their little ones, and of course my youngest brother Zach who just made the varsity hockey team as a freshman(!).

I have been thinking of all of you- my lovely new friends from all over the world- and hoping you’re all enjoying this extended holiday stretch whether you’re home in London, the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, or beyond. Has anyone made any New Years Resolutions? I received an email the other day from a snowbound BBC-er desperate for a workout that could be done in her new home in NYC while her daughter was sleeping. Her resistance band was stuck somewhere between London and NYC.  I suggested she try the Naptime workout or the Hotel Room workout; both can be found on if any of you find yourselves in a similar bind. Both workouts require no equipment and can be done in 30-45 minutes. For the rest of you itching to get together for a workout outdoors, drop me a line and I will connect you with the diehard group that is still planning to get together in my absence at 9:30a at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, M-Th. Here are 2 workouts for you to get started:

Cheesy pickup line workout

“Are you from Tennessee? You’re the only 10 I see!”
10 jumping jacks
10 squat jumps
10 foot fires

“Do you like raisins? Well how bout a date?”
Ask your “date” to join you:
Chest press with squat
Push-up with high 5

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night!”
Walk/run/sprint interval for 5 minutes

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”
Partner 1 does step outs with band past partner 2 doing stationary lunges. Switch

“Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”
15 burpees

“Is your name swiffer? Cause you just swept me off my feet.”
Kick touch x 10

Stretch and hydrate 🙂

Minute workout

1 minute push-ups
1minute tricep dips
1 minute stepups on bench

1 minute star jumps
1 minute foot fires
1 minute lunge with ab twist

1 minute bridge and scissor crunch
1 minute burpees
1 minute bicep curls with stepouts

1 minute hills
1 minute tricep extension with leg lift
1 minute torso twist punch with squat

1 minute superman to banana
1 minute push-up to thread the needle
1 minute snow angels

Stretch and hydrate!

There is a little quote posted on the wall here at the Woodstock Rec Center. It reads, “be kind to unkind people. There are the ones who need it most.” I know this has nothing to do with health, fitness, or babies, but I decided to share with you anyway. Finding ways to be a kinder person, especially to those who need it most (think: rude people on the bus, or those who love to tell you how to raise your kids!) is my New Years Resolution. It is now your job to help me stick to that!

Cheers to your happiest, healthiest year yet!