Kickin It

Happy Sunday all,

It was a lovely first week back catching up with all of you and I was thrilled to see our first indoor session so well attended. I know many of you are trekking it from far away places so I welcome your feedback on how we can make it as worthwhile for you as possible. How was everyone’s weekend? We spent our Saturday morning at Cecelia’s first soccer (football) practice. I suppose this officially makes me a soccer mom? What do they call us here in London? Football mummies? I still can’t believe that’s me now. Out on the field at 10am with all the other mums of 2 year olds looking for early signs of giftedness (I won’t hold my breath!). The coaches did a fantastic job keeping short attention spans in check. I would highly recommend The Little Foxes Club ( to anyone looking to get their child started in an organized sport. Aside from soccer practice, birthday parties and a little dinner at Vicino with the hubs (comfortable and delicious Italian restaurant in Parsons Green on New Kings Road) we managed to stay pretty low key this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all were up to tomorrow!

Is anyone in need of a gently used jogging buggy? If so, please contact Annie Cooper ( whose friend is selling her old Bob Ironman (a very good jogger).

Does anyone know of any nannies/sitters looking for extra hours? I am once again on the hunt for some coverage during class time (Mon, Tues, and Thurs 8a-12:30-ish). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the plan for the week ahead:

Monday: let’s start our week off right with a proper tabata session! 20 seconds max intensity, 10 seconds rest. 450 calories burned. This workout can be tailored to any fitness level and will make you feel like Superwoman for the rest of the day. Come give it a try!

Tuesday: Tums and Bums! Let’s meet inside for a not-to-be-missed core workout that will tap the source of all athletic movement and target trouble spots like inner thighs, glutes, and lower abs. Goodbye mummy tummy šŸ™‚

Thursday: Rise and Run! Short bursts of walking, jogging, running or sprinting (your choice), combined with energizing yoga sequences to loosen up stuff joints and cap off a perfect week of workouts.

Who out there is sticking to their guns on the 14-day sleep challenge? Click here for 10 reasons to kill the TV right now and get your zzz’s:,17681

See you all in the morning! Sleep tight!




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