Hi. Me Again.

Happy Sunday girls!

I hope you’re all putting your feet up after a fun weekend. We had another low key weekend and just now heading out to meet friends from home who are in London for the weekend at one of our favorite restaurants: Coya, a Peruvian gem located near Hyde Park Corner. Their menu is extensive and creative, and the scene downstairs is lively every night of the week. They also make lovely mocktails for anyone who is preggers but not looking to announce it just yet (and no, that wasn’t ME announcing anything, I assure you!).

Before we get into our workout agenda for the week, let’s break out our calendars and circle Saturday May 31st at 9:30am. We are forming a group to walk the Bliss Buggy Push, a 5km walk in Battersea Park that raises funds for babies born too small, too soon, too quick. Yours truly will be there conducting the warm-up for all participants, and then I will be walking together with Cecelia, Micky, and any of you who would like to join me and be part of this special event. Our good friend and workout buddy Anna Mansour has been directly involved with this charity as little Gracie was born very prematurely and relied heavily on the NICU and support organizations like Bliss to ensure her survival. If you saw Grace now, you’d never know it! She is gorgeous and thriving. In her own words:

“As many of you know, Gracie was born premmie and with some complications requiring a stay in NICU. We were a long way from home, and with no visitors allowed, I took so much comfort in knowing there was someone around I could chat to at the end of a long day… Their lactation nurses got me through many a struggle with expressing!! There are loads of details on the website and below…I know there are so many charities to get behind these days, and the thought of spruiking for sponsorship, on top of washing, cooking, cleaning etc is tiresome, so James and I will definitely sponsor anyone that is keen to take part!! Grace is 2 weeks off turning one, and we definitely want to give back in some way for all the help, Bliss and organisations like it, gave us in those first few weeks. Sign up and send through your bank deets, and we’ll be there in spirit cheering you on!”

As mothers, let’s all rally for these sweet little angels who desperately need our help by registering here:

http://www.bliss.org.uk/events/blisslondonbuggypush/ Registration is £10 per adult (infants in buggies free!) and this includes a free t-shirt and goody bag!

Bliss encourages everyone who is taking part in the London event to set up their own JustGiving page and to aim to raise a minimum of £50.00. You can follow the link below to set up a page.


Who’s ready to say goodbye to winter and all this rain? It will be a wet week ahead so read on for rainy day protocol below. Sunny days are ahead so hang in there!

Monday: tabata! This fast-paced and fun workout is super efficient and will burn loads of calories. We have some fun new moves like the “grasshopper” so grab those rain covers and come meet us at the Serpentine! We’ll be seeking cover under the gazebo if rain persists.

Tuesday: circuit workout with a twist! Don’t miss out on a nice, dry workout indoors at Saint Dionis in Parsons Green. The kids (especially the crawlers and walkers) will have fun and be entertained in a safe, enclosed space as well.

Thursday: Victoria’s Secret Ab Workout! Tighten your midsection and work your entire core with 5 key exercises. We will repeat and alternate with cardio for abs that look like they’ve been airbrushed 😉

Can’t wait to see you girls tomorrow! Have a lovely evening 🙂



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