It’s Crunch Time

Hello all,

I hope your weekend has been lovely and your little ones have been nothing short of cooperative and adorable. Any milestones? Any news (I’m looking at you Nicola and Kimberley!)? We are all eager to know when these babies make their arrival… Do share at your first opportunity!

As our babies push themselves to crawl, walk, and run, let’s push our limits as well. For the next 14 days, I will be doing this crunch challenge at class and on my own:

This ab series will be incorporated into all our workouts over the next 2 weeks and we will modify as necessary. Why not take it a step further and complete the full ab series with me? There are countless benefits to a strong core that have nothing to do with a 6 pack that include better balance, correct posture, reduced risk of injury, even improved sleep. Your clothes will fit better just in time to pare down to your spring wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Email me if you’re in!

As a reminder, the Bliss Buggy Push is Saturday, May 31st. Do you have something more important to do that day than help tiny, helpless little babies survive premature births? Me neither. Click here to sign up:

Just a few more days before voting closes on the Netmums Awards, and Buggy Bootcamp Hyde Park is one of the nominees! Click here to show some love by “liking” and/or posting a review:

Classes for the week:

Monday: Calling all cardio queens! Get your heart pumping and the blood flowin’ with this calorie torching, FUN high energy workout. Modifications will be offered for all fitness levels.

Tuesday: Plyometrics and isometrics: alternating between full range of motion (high skips) and no range of motion (wall sits). Both will help you feel and look long and lean so be there ready to sweat!

Thursday: an all new Babybells class! Forget kettlebells, your baby will love being held and tossed up and down while you get your own workout. Bands will be available for any mums of sleepy babies. This class is always a favorite, don’t miss out!



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