Birthday Girl

Three years ago today, after a grueling 28 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, then emergency c-section I met the sweetest little face I had ever laid eyes on. Today, that same face racked up an estimated 25 time-outs. Sassed me out for not serving her water with lemon. Picked out her own (matching!) outfit. Wiped her own bum. She even told me my teeth were “Barry White.”


Holy time-warp. 3 years feels like 3 days. Happy birthday Cece!



I hope you all enjoyed this lovely weekend with your perfect angels too 😉

Here’s what’s in store for the week. Put on your trainers and come. You never regret a workout!

Monday: circuit training! 1 minute per station. Don’t miss this fantastic total body workout ending with an intense abs and back session!

Tuesday: Life’s a Bench! Come challenge yourself today! You’ll work muscles you never knew existed.

Thursday: isometrics and plyometrics! Think: full range of motion (plyos) and zero range of motion (Isos). Both challenging and toning your body in the most efficient ways possible. Don’t miss out!

Have a lovely evening and see you in the a.m.!



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