“Choose to View the World through Grateful Eyes. It Will Never Look The Same Again.” – Isis Khan

Oy vey. What a week. Anybody have an extra torso for sale? Mine is defective. I’m sending it back and I want a full refund. I’ll take the cyst-free, scar-free one with the washboard abs. It’s Mother’s Day right? How can anyone deny me this?

Allow me to take a breather from the poor-me’s and actually tell you how lucky I feel to have been through this ordeal as SO many positive things happened as a result:

1.) my husband made me blueberry spinach smoothies in bed each morning
2.) friends I haven’t spoken with in months reached out and we had long, unrushed conversations about everything worth catching up on
3.) my mom dropped everything and got on a plane to help with the kids through the recovery (sitter is out of town and Brian leaves for South Africa this evening!)
4.) kids were on their best behavior and cuddled with me for an hour without fighting when I returned home!
5.) you all stopped your busy lives to send me your best wishes, your own similar experiences, tips for recovery, babysitter contact details, offers to help with kids, etc.!
6.) Emily Reynolds for bringing a delicious meal (vegetable pasta primavera and apple crisp anyone??)
7.) Heather Friedman for loading my fridge with healthy Whole Foods goodies and gifts for birthday girl Cece!
8.) Annie Cooper for her offer to move in with me for the week!
9.) Full understanding from everyone about classes being canceled
10.) sleeping whenever the hell I want (this has been my fantasy for 3 years straight now)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you are all feeling the love too on this GORGEOUS Mother’s Day!

While I do not have doctor’s permission to come out and train you this week, I do have a 30 minute Cardio Core Express to keep you in tip top loveliness in my absence. This does not require bands or equipment of any kind, and done 3x through will make for a killer 45 minute workout. If anyone would still like to meet at the park at the same time, please feel free to get the emails out, I’m happy to help coordinate!

30 Minute Cardio Core Express

Jumping jacks: 1 min
Side to side lunges: 1 min
Foot fires: 30 sec
Burpees: 30 sec
Rest 1 min

Jumping Jack toe touch: 1 min
Jump squats: 1 min
Standing toe touches ( bring toe to waist height, touch with opposite fingertip): 1 min
Side to side jumps: 30 sec
Rest 1 min

Jog: 1 min
Crab walk (on all 4’s, lift glutes): 1 min
Walk out to push-up: 1 min
Sprint (or foot fire): 30 sec
Rest 1 min

Abs challenge (slow and controlled)

V Crunch (10x)
Runners crunch (10x)
Reverse crunch (10x)
Diamond sit-up (10x)
Bicycle (10x)
Rest 1 min


Love you girls! Happy happy Mother’s Day to you all, you deserve to be spoiled rotten.



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