Summer Lovin’

Ahh the sweet days of summer. Watermelon, lazy beach days, short shorts, lemonade, road trips, and… burpees?

In a word, yes.

Back by popular demand, I bring you the 6 Week Summer Slimdown. Weekly check- ins, nutrition challenges, workout challenges, healthy recipes and motivation for the next 6 weeks, starting one week from tomorrow. Just think: in 6 weeks you could replace between 4-8 kilos of stubborn body fat with lean muscle. Your skin will glow, you’ll sleep better, and let’s face it, you’ll be downright smokin. You do not need to be a class regular to participate but will need to stay committed right through to the end. If you are traveling we will customise a plan for the days you are away. It is a rather uncomplicated plan designed for success with a focus on proper hydration, sugar elimination, replacing processed foods with whole foods, and consistent fat burning, full-body toning workouts. Let’s do this. Email me if you are interested and I will provide details!

What’s in store for the week ahead:

Monday: When you can’t hit the beach… HIIT the bench. Easy-medium-hard format… Think mountain climbers, step ups, press-ups, inverted crunches… All your faves!

Back to Basics Bootcamp: we’ll be breaking out the bands and babies for this classic session so do bring your A-Game!

Cardioga: last week you girls told me this workout was a favorite of yours. Let’s ramp up the sweat factor alternating cardio drills with several mind-body intervals to cap off the week.

Congratulations to former Buggy Bootcamper Emily Reynolds on the arrival of Catherine Grace, a sweet little angel who is getting lots of attention from her mum, dad, Grandma, and big sis Margaret. Welcome to the big wide world Catherine!

Baby brain getting you down? Want to practise your French or learn some? Or improve your English if it’s not your native language? Whether it’s for your work or just for fun, let Sarah know! She has a degree from Cambridge in Modern Languages and works as both a French and EFL (English-as-a-Foreign-Language) tutor for adults and children. She’d be happy to offer any BBC Mums a very competitive rate for classes, and even cheaper if the babies can come along too! Do get in touch for any more info: Sarah Kowenicki, 07817 130620,

For those of you who aren’t aware, Monkey Music is teaming up with Mermaid Maternity (that swanky mummy hot spot on Kings Road, simply gorgeous) for a mum and baby (and pregnant mums as well) taster session this coming Wednesday, the 2nd July. Feel free to relax afterwards and enjoy a complimentary tour of the facility, or sip a complimentary smoothie. Sounds like a sweet Wednesday morning to me. Email my good friend Jayne at to book your spot.

See you in the a.m.!


It Takes A Village

Hello all,

We have returned from the beautiful Forte Village in the Santa Margherita region of Sardinia. It was a week filled with sandy toes, pineapple shaped trees, exquisite seascapes, delicious Italian accents, Michelin-starred dining, noisy parrots, hot pink flamingoes and chilled local wine. Aside from a few wardrobe malfunctions and more than a few bug bites I think it’s safe to say this vaca truly had something for everyone:


Micky getting his kicks…


Massage on the beach? Yes please.


Yes this is what you think it is… You also would have been in heaven at 3 years old.


If any of you are interested in booking a similar trip, I can’t recommend Tots Too ( enough, from scouring the most desirable family friendly resorts in the world to choosing the best flights, transfers with car seats, dietary needs, babysitting and kids club arrangements, this company offers a truly unparalleled service. We have a very informed and helpful contact in Mark Sumpter at Tots Too who also arranged our family vaca to Portugal last spring and has helped several other Buggy Bootcampers plan their getaways. If you’re interested in touching base with Mark, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch!

As many of you are also crazy enough to merge the art of raising young children with the chaos of all-out traveling, it only makes sense to share our sanity-saving tools and tricks with each other. Some of you are flying as far as Australia and New Zealand with high energy toddlers in your laps and others are just looking to survive a day trip in London with your L.O. Whatever your upcoming travel itinerary looks like, here are a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way that might make your life a touch easier.

1.) are iPads not the best invention known to man? For heaven’s sake give them Dora. Peppa. Mickey Mouse. Magic Mike. (just making sure you’re paying attention?!) As much as they can handle on iTunes for £1.99. If buying yourself 19 minutes of silence on a frenzied travel day with kids is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

2.) when your little one has graduated from the baby bjorn, and you can’t bear to break down yet another buggy at the airport gate, do yourself a favor and invest in one of these: Total lifesaver!

3.) stock up on the essentials: 3 extra plastic bags, 5 more nappies per kid than you anticipate needing, 2 additional changes of clothes than you anticipate needing, 5 more Ella’s Kitchens than you anticipate needing, a set of washable markers, bare skin, a lack of dignity and and a love of temporary tattoos.

4.) for those of you embarking on long flights with infants and dont want to rely on the bassinet seat at the bulkhead this is a must:

5.) because the highchair miiiiight push you over luggage weight limits:

Do you have any genius travel-with-kids advice to share with the group? If so, do tell! I know I am forever looking for ways to make the process even marginally less painful… We’re all going through it so let’s share what we’ve learned with each other.

I can’t let another moment pass without thanking those of you who have been quite unexpectedly showering me with flowers, compliments on Facebook, etc, namely those of you who have moved or gone back to work or for whatever reason can no longer attend class. You know who you are. I am beyond touched by your kind gestures. You are talented, smart, beautiful and inspirational women and you make what I do on a daily basis extremely enjoyable. Thank you.


This week we have an action packed workout schedule so clear your calendars on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning:

Monday: circuit workout! 60 seconds of easy, moderate, and high intensity moves to get you looking totally chiseled for that summer wardrobe!

Tuesday: Cardioga: combine two of your fave workouts into one. Leave with a rosy glow and simply feel fab all day long.

Thursday: Pick-up Line workout! This workout we did back in February deserves another shot in the spotlight. Bonus points if you remember any of these cheesy one-liners ever being used on you back in your glory days (read: post braces, pre-kids).

Ciao bellas!! See you tomorrow!