Summer Lovin’

Ahh the sweet days of summer. Watermelon, lazy beach days, short shorts, lemonade, road trips, and… burpees?

In a word, yes.

Back by popular demand, I bring you the 6 Week Summer Slimdown. Weekly check- ins, nutrition challenges, workout challenges, healthy recipes and motivation for the next 6 weeks, starting one week from tomorrow. Just think: in 6 weeks you could replace between 4-8 kilos of stubborn body fat with lean muscle. Your skin will glow, you’ll sleep better, and let’s face it, you’ll be downright smokin. You do not need to be a class regular to participate but will need to stay committed right through to the end. If you are traveling we will customise a plan for the days you are away. It is a rather uncomplicated plan designed for success with a focus on proper hydration, sugar elimination, replacing processed foods with whole foods, and consistent fat burning, full-body toning workouts. Let’s do this. Email me if you are interested and I will provide details!

What’s in store for the week ahead:

Monday: When you can’t hit the beach… HIIT the bench. Easy-medium-hard format… Think mountain climbers, step ups, press-ups, inverted crunches… All your faves!

Back to Basics Bootcamp: we’ll be breaking out the bands and babies for this classic session so do bring your A-Game!

Cardioga: last week you girls told me this workout was a favorite of yours. Let’s ramp up the sweat factor alternating cardio drills with several mind-body intervals to cap off the week.

Congratulations to former Buggy Bootcamper Emily Reynolds on the arrival of Catherine Grace, a sweet little angel who is getting lots of attention from her mum, dad, Grandma, and big sis Margaret. Welcome to the big wide world Catherine!

Baby brain getting you down? Want to practise your French or learn some? Or improve your English if it’s not your native language? Whether it’s for your work or just for fun, let Sarah know! She has a degree from Cambridge in Modern Languages and works as both a French and EFL (English-as-a-Foreign-Language) tutor for adults and children. She’d be happy to offer any BBC Mums a very competitive rate for classes, and even cheaper if the babies can come along too! Do get in touch for any more info: Sarah Kowenicki, 07817 130620,

For those of you who aren’t aware, Monkey Music is teaming up with Mermaid Maternity (that swanky mummy hot spot on Kings Road, simply gorgeous) for a mum and baby (and pregnant mums as well) taster session this coming Wednesday, the 2nd July. Feel free to relax afterwards and enjoy a complimentary tour of the facility, or sip a complimentary smoothie. Sounds like a sweet Wednesday morning to me. Email my good friend Jayne at to book your spot.

See you in the a.m.!



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