The Clean Plate Club

Hello ladies,

Thanks for an amazing week last week! The Whole Foods event was a major success and I’m thrilled so many of you were able to make it! The food was delicious and I learned how to make cashew cream… yum. The overnight oats were delicious! If you are interested in participating in more workshops with the experts at WFM, please let me know. They have offered to organize a DIY Natural Beauty workshop for us this fall. Of course it will be completely wasted on me, I of course haven’t the faintest hint of wrinkles or under eye circles 😉




Here’s what’s on for the week (please note this is the last week of classes before I’m off to the States through September 6th):

Tummy Time: I know, I know, 10 months of pregnancy, 6-8 weeks of taking it easy, for the love of everything holy you just want your abs back. There is no quick fix here, you simply must commit to cardio, toning, and a clean diet to melt the muffin top. Take notes and repeat this workout at home on non-class days for quick results!

Band Buddies: partner workout featuring the resistance band. Never doubt the power of this lightweight, stretchy little piece of workout equipment to bring your workout to the next level!

Cardio Zen: you’re exhausted, you’re stressed, you’re pulled in a million different directions. Carve out 60 selfish minutes for feel-good endorphins, moderate heart healthy cardio, and deep stretches that will have you feeling like you’ve just left the spa. You deserve it.

Again this is the last week before a 3 week Buggy Bootcamp hiatus! Of course those of you on a package will be extended by 3 weeks. I would love for you girls to get together in my absence and tag Buggy Bootcamp Hyde Park in your photos! I’ll send workouts and help coordinate meet ups for anyone interested. Email me if you’re up for it!



Miss That Pregnancy Glow?

Hi ladies!

Thanks for another great week at Buggy Bootcamp. I feel extremely grateful to have such a fun, friendly, motivated group of workout buddies this summer. You girls rock!

image-2 image

Workout plan for the week:

Monday: Babybells! Use the weight of your baby to lose the baby weight! Leave the kettlebells at home, your LO will love this fun, high energy bonding time with you.

Tuesday: The Feel Good Workout: I received such positive feedback after this class a few weeks ago, let’s go round two. All moves designed to make you feel like your pre-pregnancy self again: strong, limber and agile 🙂

Thursday: Cardioga: miss that pregnancy glow? Try these classic cardio drills combined with a therapeutic yoga sequence to detox your insides and tap into the fountain of youth! Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Are you feeling run down? It is very common for new and expectant mums to be low in iron. Whether you’ve been tested for iron deficiency anemia or just have a hunch you could benefit from a little extra iron in your diet, here is a (kid-friendly!) smoothie recipe to help kick start your energy levels (with vitamin c from kiwis for absorption):
1/2 cucumber

1 cup green grapes (frozen)
1/2 cup romaine
1-2 broccoli spears
2 kiwis
1.5 cups coconut milk or coconut water

And another to quell your sweet tooth:

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder ( or 1 scoop Amazing Greens chocolate powder)
2 tbsp cashew butter
1 cup almond vanilla milk
1 cup spinach
1 frozen banana

Sleep well!


This and that.

Hello ladies,

I hope you all had a lovely few “days off” (who am I kidding?).


Our weekend included some pool time at the Lido, the fair on Parsons Green, complete with creepy carnival ride operators, face painters, and Whole Foods samples, and then… (Drum roll)… the most luxurious nap of my adult life that lasted a full hour and forty five minutes today while my kids were both sleeping (Applause)! Oh how I love a lazy weekend nap in my ripe old age.

Here’s what we have in store for the week:

Monday: Summer Slimdown Band Workout: this one is for all of you on the 6 Week Summer Slimdown which starts tomorrow! I’ll be demonstrating each of the exercises that you’re on the hook to do 2-3x a week for the next 6 weeks. If you’re on the challenge this one is not to be missed!

Tuesday: Long and lean ladder workout! Get ready to hustle, this workout is a nonstop sweat-fest.

Thursday: Hottie Pilates! For anyone needing to feel their best for that upcoming summer holiday, pop this class into your diary. This workout combines the most effective Pilates moves with sizzling cardio drills to deliver an all-over glow for the weekend ahead.

Calling all music lovers: Ainsley’s good friend Kath is offering piano lessons to anyone interested. How fun! Here are the details:

Piano lessons for adults! She can come to you and babies/children are more than welcome to sit in. Her students range in age from 20s to 60+ and they play anything from the classics to Gaga. My main aim to show everyone how wonderful playing music can be so it’s completely stress free and all fun!

Referral perks! In just over a year we have had just under 200 women (and even men!) try our class. We are just 9 members short of reaching this number. If you are the member who refers the 200th Buggy Bootcamper, you receive 10 free classes! So grab your friends and drag them along to class. With any luck they’ll love it and you’ll be working out for free 🙂


Summer Lovin’

Ahh the sweet days of summer. Watermelon, lazy beach days, short shorts, lemonade, road trips, and… burpees?

In a word, yes.

Back by popular demand, I bring you the 6 Week Summer Slimdown. Weekly check- ins, nutrition challenges, workout challenges, healthy recipes and motivation for the next 6 weeks, starting one week from tomorrow. Just think: in 6 weeks you could replace between 4-8 kilos of stubborn body fat with lean muscle. Your skin will glow, you’ll sleep better, and let’s face it, you’ll be downright smokin. You do not need to be a class regular to participate but will need to stay committed right through to the end. If you are traveling we will customise a plan for the days you are away. It is a rather uncomplicated plan designed for success with a focus on proper hydration, sugar elimination, replacing processed foods with whole foods, and consistent fat burning, full-body toning workouts. Let’s do this. Email me if you are interested and I will provide details!

What’s in store for the week ahead:

Monday: When you can’t hit the beach… HIIT the bench. Easy-medium-hard format… Think mountain climbers, step ups, press-ups, inverted crunches… All your faves!

Back to Basics Bootcamp: we’ll be breaking out the bands and babies for this classic session so do bring your A-Game!

Cardioga: last week you girls told me this workout was a favorite of yours. Let’s ramp up the sweat factor alternating cardio drills with several mind-body intervals to cap off the week.

Congratulations to former Buggy Bootcamper Emily Reynolds on the arrival of Catherine Grace, a sweet little angel who is getting lots of attention from her mum, dad, Grandma, and big sis Margaret. Welcome to the big wide world Catherine!

Baby brain getting you down? Want to practise your French or learn some? Or improve your English if it’s not your native language? Whether it’s for your work or just for fun, let Sarah know! She has a degree from Cambridge in Modern Languages and works as both a French and EFL (English-as-a-Foreign-Language) tutor for adults and children. She’d be happy to offer any BBC Mums a very competitive rate for classes, and even cheaper if the babies can come along too! Do get in touch for any more info: Sarah Kowenicki, 07817 130620,

For those of you who aren’t aware, Monkey Music is teaming up with Mermaid Maternity (that swanky mummy hot spot on Kings Road, simply gorgeous) for a mum and baby (and pregnant mums as well) taster session this coming Wednesday, the 2nd July. Feel free to relax afterwards and enjoy a complimentary tour of the facility, or sip a complimentary smoothie. Sounds like a sweet Wednesday morning to me. Email my good friend Jayne at to book your spot.

See you in the a.m.!


Pink Clouds on a Stick

Well, it happened. Winter is behind us. Those gray, barren trees have blossomed to “pink clouds on a stick” to quote Mary Poppins. The birds are singing. We are 2 days away from Whole Foods opening in Fulham. 6 days away from the final season of Mad Men on AMC. 7 days away from Buggy Bootcamp starting back up. Um, could life get any better? Aside from 2 of my favorite people leaving the great city of London (Anna and Heather we will miss you dearly!), things are truly starting to look up. What are you looking forward to this spring?


^view from my living room^

I want to take a moment to thank you all again for your ongoing kindness and check-ins. My recovery is going smoothly and it looks like we will be ready to resume our schedule as normal starting a week from tomorrow (Monday 13th of April). Now that we can shed our extra layers I hope we can muster up some extra workout motivation as well. There is so much to look forward to! As classes are canceled this week, I urge you all to set aside some time for some heart pumping feel-good exercise on your own or with a group in the park (happy to help coordinate!). Warning: Exercise has been known to cause health and happiness! Aim to do this tabata session 2-3x this week for max results, plus plenty of walking/running on alternating days:

Tabata (4 minute sets of high intensity cardio + toning moves)

Jump squats 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Mountain climbers 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

Tricep dips or kickbacks using band 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Hold low push-up 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

180 switchbacks 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
High knees 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

Bicep curl to overhead press using band 20 sec
Rest 10 seconds
Stepouts using band 20 sec
Rest 10
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

Kick Through (in plank position, kick one foot underneath your body and above your opposite foot)
Rest 10
Lat raises using band 20 sec
Rest 10
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

Heels to heavens 20 seconds
Rest 10
Hip dips 20 seconds
Rest 10
(Repeat for 4 minutes)

Child’s pose
Plow pose (laying down, bring ankles overhead)
Runners stance

Also, for anyone interested, Stephanie Wibom is helping to organize a first aid class for babies under 1 year of age, at Holy Trinity Church by Sloane Square, this Wednesday 2:30- 3:30pm. She needs at least 6 mums to join her for it to be scheduled. If you are interested, please email Stephanie at:

Have a lovely week girls and can’t wait to see you all in a week’s time! Please do some extra planks for me!


Birthday Girl

Three years ago today, after a grueling 28 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, then emergency c-section I met the sweetest little face I had ever laid eyes on. Today, that same face racked up an estimated 25 time-outs. Sassed me out for not serving her water with lemon. Picked out her own (matching!) outfit. Wiped her own bum. She even told me my teeth were “Barry White.”


Holy time-warp. 3 years feels like 3 days. Happy birthday Cece!



I hope you all enjoyed this lovely weekend with your perfect angels too 😉

Here’s what’s in store for the week. Put on your trainers and come. You never regret a workout!

Monday: circuit training! 1 minute per station. Don’t miss this fantastic total body workout ending with an intense abs and back session!

Tuesday: Life’s a Bench! Come challenge yourself today! You’ll work muscles you never knew existed.

Thursday: isometrics and plyometrics! Think: full range of motion (plyos) and zero range of motion (Isos). Both challenging and toning your body in the most efficient ways possible. Don’t miss out!

Have a lovely evening and see you in the a.m.!


Kickin It

Happy Sunday all,

It was a lovely first week back catching up with all of you and I was thrilled to see our first indoor session so well attended. I know many of you are trekking it from far away places so I welcome your feedback on how we can make it as worthwhile for you as possible. How was everyone’s weekend? We spent our Saturday morning at Cecelia’s first soccer (football) practice. I suppose this officially makes me a soccer mom? What do they call us here in London? Football mummies? I still can’t believe that’s me now. Out on the field at 10am with all the other mums of 2 year olds looking for early signs of giftedness (I won’t hold my breath!). The coaches did a fantastic job keeping short attention spans in check. I would highly recommend The Little Foxes Club ( to anyone looking to get their child started in an organized sport. Aside from soccer practice, birthday parties and a little dinner at Vicino with the hubs (comfortable and delicious Italian restaurant in Parsons Green on New Kings Road) we managed to stay pretty low key this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing what you all were up to tomorrow!

Is anyone in need of a gently used jogging buggy? If so, please contact Annie Cooper ( whose friend is selling her old Bob Ironman (a very good jogger).

Does anyone know of any nannies/sitters looking for extra hours? I am once again on the hunt for some coverage during class time (Mon, Tues, and Thurs 8a-12:30-ish). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the plan for the week ahead:

Monday: let’s start our week off right with a proper tabata session! 20 seconds max intensity, 10 seconds rest. 450 calories burned. This workout can be tailored to any fitness level and will make you feel like Superwoman for the rest of the day. Come give it a try!

Tuesday: Tums and Bums! Let’s meet inside for a not-to-be-missed core workout that will tap the source of all athletic movement and target trouble spots like inner thighs, glutes, and lower abs. Goodbye mummy tummy 🙂

Thursday: Rise and Run! Short bursts of walking, jogging, running or sprinting (your choice), combined with energizing yoga sequences to loosen up stuff joints and cap off a perfect week of workouts.

Who out there is sticking to their guns on the 14-day sleep challenge? Click here for 10 reasons to kill the TV right now and get your zzz’s:,17681

See you all in the morning! Sleep tight!