This and that.

Hello ladies,

I hope you all had a lovely few “days off” (who am I kidding?).


Our weekend included some pool time at the Lido, the fair on Parsons Green, complete with creepy carnival ride operators, face painters, and Whole Foods samples, and then… (Drum roll)… the most luxurious nap of my adult life that lasted a full hour and forty five minutes today while my kids were both sleeping (Applause)! Oh how I love a lazy weekend nap in my ripe old age.

Here’s what we have in store for the week:

Monday: Summer Slimdown Band Workout: this one is for all of you on the 6 Week Summer Slimdown which starts tomorrow! I’ll be demonstrating each of the exercises that you’re on the hook to do 2-3x a week for the next 6 weeks. If you’re on the challenge this one is not to be missed!

Tuesday: Long and lean ladder workout! Get ready to hustle, this workout is a nonstop sweat-fest.

Thursday: Hottie Pilates! For anyone needing to feel their best for that upcoming summer holiday, pop this class into your diary. This workout combines the most effective Pilates moves with sizzling cardio drills to deliver an all-over glow for the weekend ahead.

Calling all music lovers: Ainsley’s good friend Kath is offering piano lessons to anyone interested. How fun! Here are the details:

Piano lessons for adults! She can come to you and babies/children are more than welcome to sit in. Her students range in age from 20s to 60+ and they play anything from the classics to Gaga. My main aim to show everyone how wonderful playing music can be so it’s completely stress free and all fun!

Referral perks! In just over a year we have had just under 200 women (and even men!) try our class. We are just 9 members short of reaching this number. If you are the member who refers the 200th Buggy Bootcamper, you receive 10 free classes! So grab your friends and drag them along to class. With any luck they’ll love it and you’ll be working out for free 🙂



Summer Lovin’

Ahh the sweet days of summer. Watermelon, lazy beach days, short shorts, lemonade, road trips, and… burpees?

In a word, yes.

Back by popular demand, I bring you the 6 Week Summer Slimdown. Weekly check- ins, nutrition challenges, workout challenges, healthy recipes and motivation for the next 6 weeks, starting one week from tomorrow. Just think: in 6 weeks you could replace between 4-8 kilos of stubborn body fat with lean muscle. Your skin will glow, you’ll sleep better, and let’s face it, you’ll be downright smokin. You do not need to be a class regular to participate but will need to stay committed right through to the end. If you are traveling we will customise a plan for the days you are away. It is a rather uncomplicated plan designed for success with a focus on proper hydration, sugar elimination, replacing processed foods with whole foods, and consistent fat burning, full-body toning workouts. Let’s do this. Email me if you are interested and I will provide details!

What’s in store for the week ahead:

Monday: When you can’t hit the beach… HIIT the bench. Easy-medium-hard format… Think mountain climbers, step ups, press-ups, inverted crunches… All your faves!

Back to Basics Bootcamp: we’ll be breaking out the bands and babies for this classic session so do bring your A-Game!

Cardioga: last week you girls told me this workout was a favorite of yours. Let’s ramp up the sweat factor alternating cardio drills with several mind-body intervals to cap off the week.

Congratulations to former Buggy Bootcamper Emily Reynolds on the arrival of Catherine Grace, a sweet little angel who is getting lots of attention from her mum, dad, Grandma, and big sis Margaret. Welcome to the big wide world Catherine!

Baby brain getting you down? Want to practise your French or learn some? Or improve your English if it’s not your native language? Whether it’s for your work or just for fun, let Sarah know! She has a degree from Cambridge in Modern Languages and works as both a French and EFL (English-as-a-Foreign-Language) tutor for adults and children. She’d be happy to offer any BBC Mums a very competitive rate for classes, and even cheaper if the babies can come along too! Do get in touch for any more info: Sarah Kowenicki, 07817 130620,

For those of you who aren’t aware, Monkey Music is teaming up with Mermaid Maternity (that swanky mummy hot spot on Kings Road, simply gorgeous) for a mum and baby (and pregnant mums as well) taster session this coming Wednesday, the 2nd July. Feel free to relax afterwards and enjoy a complimentary tour of the facility, or sip a complimentary smoothie. Sounds like a sweet Wednesday morning to me. Email my good friend Jayne at to book your spot.

See you in the a.m.!


It Takes A Village

Hello all,

We have returned from the beautiful Forte Village in the Santa Margherita region of Sardinia. It was a week filled with sandy toes, pineapple shaped trees, exquisite seascapes, delicious Italian accents, Michelin-starred dining, noisy parrots, hot pink flamingoes and chilled local wine. Aside from a few wardrobe malfunctions and more than a few bug bites I think it’s safe to say this vaca truly had something for everyone:


Micky getting his kicks…


Massage on the beach? Yes please.


Yes this is what you think it is… You also would have been in heaven at 3 years old.


If any of you are interested in booking a similar trip, I can’t recommend Tots Too ( enough, from scouring the most desirable family friendly resorts in the world to choosing the best flights, transfers with car seats, dietary needs, babysitting and kids club arrangements, this company offers a truly unparalleled service. We have a very informed and helpful contact in Mark Sumpter at Tots Too who also arranged our family vaca to Portugal last spring and has helped several other Buggy Bootcampers plan their getaways. If you’re interested in touching base with Mark, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch!

As many of you are also crazy enough to merge the art of raising young children with the chaos of all-out traveling, it only makes sense to share our sanity-saving tools and tricks with each other. Some of you are flying as far as Australia and New Zealand with high energy toddlers in your laps and others are just looking to survive a day trip in London with your L.O. Whatever your upcoming travel itinerary looks like, here are a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way that might make your life a touch easier.

1.) are iPads not the best invention known to man? For heaven’s sake give them Dora. Peppa. Mickey Mouse. Magic Mike. (just making sure you’re paying attention?!) As much as they can handle on iTunes for £1.99. If buying yourself 19 minutes of silence on a frenzied travel day with kids is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

2.) when your little one has graduated from the baby bjorn, and you can’t bear to break down yet another buggy at the airport gate, do yourself a favor and invest in one of these: Total lifesaver!

3.) stock up on the essentials: 3 extra plastic bags, 5 more nappies per kid than you anticipate needing, 2 additional changes of clothes than you anticipate needing, 5 more Ella’s Kitchens than you anticipate needing, a set of washable markers, bare skin, a lack of dignity and and a love of temporary tattoos.

4.) for those of you embarking on long flights with infants and dont want to rely on the bassinet seat at the bulkhead this is a must:

5.) because the highchair miiiiight push you over luggage weight limits:

Do you have any genius travel-with-kids advice to share with the group? If so, do tell! I know I am forever looking for ways to make the process even marginally less painful… We’re all going through it so let’s share what we’ve learned with each other.

I can’t let another moment pass without thanking those of you who have been quite unexpectedly showering me with flowers, compliments on Facebook, etc, namely those of you who have moved or gone back to work or for whatever reason can no longer attend class. You know who you are. I am beyond touched by your kind gestures. You are talented, smart, beautiful and inspirational women and you make what I do on a daily basis extremely enjoyable. Thank you.


This week we have an action packed workout schedule so clear your calendars on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning:

Monday: circuit workout! 60 seconds of easy, moderate, and high intensity moves to get you looking totally chiseled for that summer wardrobe!

Tuesday: Cardioga: combine two of your fave workouts into one. Leave with a rosy glow and simply feel fab all day long.

Thursday: Pick-up Line workout! This workout we did back in February deserves another shot in the spotlight. Bonus points if you remember any of these cheesy one-liners ever being used on you back in your glory days (read: post braces, pre-kids).

Ciao bellas!! See you tomorrow!







Irish Blessings

Ireland: home of castles, churches, cows, singalongs, leprechauns, shining rugged coastlines, guinness, green rolling hills, charming accents, and melt-in-your-mouth homemade brown bread. We spent the weekend in the lovely village of Galway and while I was a bit sad going home, I feel extraordinarily blessed to have had an entire weekend off-duty to spend some long overdue time with a handful of my favorite people in the world: 3 of my brothers and sisters and their wife/fiancé/girlfriend. If you fancy a trip to this charming part of the world and are looking for recommendations, stay here:, go see:, grab a pint at:, and enjoy a delicious meal at:






I hope you also enjoyed your weekend wherever you were in the world. We are having class tomorrow for anyone at a loss for exciting bank holiday plans. Don’t miss:

Monday: Skinny Jeans Workout! For anyone struggling to retire the elastic waistband trousers, this one’s for you.

Tuesday: Bands and Benches: sculpt a long and lean look using your own body weight, plus the resistance of our benches and bands for full body toning.

Thursday: The Metric System. Come enjoy the endless benefits associated with isometric holds (think plank) and plyometrics (think high skips). Both will help you achieve a fit and healthy body in their own right. The perfect workout for those just getting back into it.

Fit Kits: available all week for purchase! £35 gets you your own resistance band, a comfy Buggy Bootcamp t-shirt, 3 at-home workouts and 3 delicious slimming smoothie recipes, plus the knowledge that you are making a difference for babies born too small, too soon, too sick to get the care they need to survive those first critical weeks of life. All proceeds go to the Bliss Foundation. Best money you’ll spend all week 😉

I have a great cleaner if anyone would like details! Hanna has helped us for the last 8 months and is wonderful. She is looking for additional work in central London at £10/hour on weekdays. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Let me know if you’d like her details!

Much love from your Irish American London resident, who couldn’t dance an Irish jig, make an edible apple pie, or keep calm and carry on if her life depended on it,


Here Comes the Sun

Hi girls!

I hope you’re loving this summer-perfect weather as much as I am. My brothers and sisters arrived yesterday morning and we have been going nonstop ever since. Pic below from dinner last night at Inamo Restaurant in Soho. Super fun if you are a techie who fancies a bit of Japanese. You can order your meal from the touch screen table, play games with your dining companions, even spy on the chefs making your meal! Loving having more company but definitely a bit “knackered” (do I sound British yet? Don’t answer that!).


Need a little extra help shedding that baby weight or gearing up for a warm weather holiday? I will be selling Fit Kits all week again in prep for the Bliss Buggy Push on May 31st. Your Fit Kit costs £35 and includes a resistance band, a Buggy Bootcamp t-shirt, 3 do-anywhere band workouts, and 3 delicious waistline-friendly smoothie recipes! All proceeds go to the Bliss Organization which helps babies born too small, too soon, too sick. Let me know if you’re interested. Everybody wins!

Many thanks to all of you who have joined Buggy Bootcamp in the past few weeks! I hope you are enjoying the mum camaraderie and workouts. This week we have some fun and intense sessions designed to push you past that plateau, shed unwanted baby weight, and tone you up like never before. Don’t miss out!


Monday: Cardio Core Ladder Workout! Work your abs, bum, thighs, and get a good sweat going tomorrow. You know you need it!

Tuesday: Superhero Circuit: unleash your inner superhero with 3 full sets of effective and fun intervals designed to tone you from head to toe. Don’t forget your capes!

Thursday: Cardio Zen: keep your mind and body sharp with these complementary sweat/stretch pairings. Hands down the best way to rejuvenate yourself after a long week of mum duties.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!



Carpe le weekend

How did you all spend your weekend? I am back to London after a long weekend spent with Grammy Pritz and Pops (my parents) in Normandy, France. If anyone has even a remote interest in World War II and the invasion on D Day, I can’t recommend this quick trip enough and have the perfect B&B, tour guide, and restaurant choices for you too. No matter where your relatives were in the world before, on, and after June 6, 1944 and what side they were on, you more than likely have a personal story that ties back to this turning point in history. I’d love to hear them!

The Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 as my grandfather was preparing to graduate from Providence College in Rhode Island. He was nervous about being rejected from the draft due to poor eyesight. Nonetheless, he was drafted into the service and shipped off to Bootcamp (unfortunately not the Buggy Bootcamp variety). After a few months of training, 99% of his fellow soldiers were shipped off to North Africa. Due to his large brain (which I didn’t inherit) and invisible biceps (which I did), Grandpa Jim was tapped to go to Officer Candidate School in California. From there he was shipped to Brisbane, Australia and over the next three years went to The Philippines, Okinawa, and ultimately Tokyo working in Intelligence as First Lieutenant. The war ended in August of 1945 and he began his studies at Harvard Law School. He met my grandma shortly thereafter before being called to serve in the Korean War. He said to my grandma, “well I guess that’s it”, to which my grandmother replied, “well it doesn’t have to be. We could get married.” And so they did. 7 kids and 23 grandchildren later, here I am with my grandfather’s first son on a plane back from the boiling point of World War II, trying to picture what it was like as the world sacrificed hundreds of millions of fine young men and women to secure the free world we live in today. Carpe le weekend and go visit this beautiful historic part of the world if you have not done so already.

This week we will be continuing class on Mon, Tues, and Thursday despite the bank holiday tomorrow. We have some fun classes so clear your morning plans and meet us:

Monday: HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training: one of the best ways to rev your metabolism, torch major calories, and enjoy an endorphin-high for the rest of the day. Exercises will follow an easy/medium/difficult format in 30 second intervals. Get excited.

Tuesday: Mom Friends are the best friends. Partner up for a full-on sweat session and leave with a new friend.

Thursday: wind down with a slightly less intense cardio workout focused on melting fat and deep therapeutic stretching for your achy breaky parts.

Have you bought your Fit Kit yet? Your £35 donation to Bliss, the foundation that raises funds for families with preemie babies desperately needing extra care and support, earns you a Buggy Bootcamp t-shirt in cozy soft cotton, a resistance band, 3 at-home workouts, and 3 delicious smoothies high in fiber, protein, and vitamins to help you get in the best shape of your life. Summer is approaching… What are you waiting for?

Anyone looking for a sitter/nanny? One of the girls who used to watch C and M just texted me that she is available! This girl is fan.tas.tic. and I cannot recommend her enough. My kids love her, and they are a tough sell. She will tidy up well while your little one is napping. She is available starting next week. Email me if you would like more info.

See you tomorrow!




Get Seedy

Hello ladies,

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend! We were lucky enough to host my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their 3 kids Brighid, Finbar, and Ciara last week, complete with trips to Tower of London, Notting Hill markets, and endless trips to the playground. It was a joy having them and Cece wasn’t the only one who got a little choked up when they left!


After all that excitement we laid pretty low this weekend. The weather cooperated for an outdoor run to Duke of York Square farmer’s market, and a Cupcake/Slice workout in Parsons Green this morning. We also got our Mexican fix at Shoreditch eatery Boho on Saturday night before meeting friends for drinks: Delicious!

Fit Kits:

As a way to help you all achieve your health goals and continue your hard work on the weekends and while traveling, and a way to raise much needed money for Bliss (an organization that helps babies born too soon, too small, too sick), I will be selling Fit Kits through the month of May! For £35, your kit will include a Buggy Bootcamp t-shirt, your own resistance band, 3 full body workouts, and 3 recipes for delicious smoothies full of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to help you on your way to looking your best for the summer! Your kits will be ready by Thursday! If anyone would like to join me at the Bliss Buggy Push on 31st of May, please email me for details or click here:

Get Seedy:

Want an easy way to increase your protein and healthy fat intake, lower your cholesterol, get glowing skin, hair, and nails, and lose weight? Do as the birds do and eat more seeds. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, pay close attention! You know you need those healthy fats and folic acid in your diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy and keep that milk flowin’. Here are 3 seeds to incorporate into your diet stat:

Chia seeds: with 2.5x more protein than kidney beans, 3x more antioxidants than blueberries, 3x more iron than spinach, 6x more calcium than milk, 6x more vitamin C than oranges, 8x more omega 3 than salmon, 10x more fiber than rice, and 15x more magnesium than broccoli, chia seeds deserve major superfood status. Buy them at pretty much any health food store, and make sure they are eaten raw! Your body wants to absorb as much of these nutrients in its natural state as possible. Here is a delicious breakfast bowl recipe to try: I made it for the kids on Saturday morning and Cece went ballistic over it (Micky tried to pour it on his head, his loss):


Hemp seeds: hemp contains all 20 essential amino acids (including the 9 EFA’s our bodies cannot produce). It is a rich source of phytonutrients, the disease-fighting element of plants that strengthens your immune system and fights off toxins. It is a fantastic source of vegetarian protein and is virtually tasteless when mixed in small doses to bread and muffin recipes, porridge or smoothies.

Flax seed: the fiber in flax seed suppresses appetite and helps support weight loss. It is known as a rich source of ALA, an essential fatty acid that is anti-inflammatory, is prevents cancer in humans and has been shown to block tumor growth in animals. Flax= good. Cancer= bad. Eat up!

Here is what is in store for the week:

Monday: Circuit training! 60 seconds per station for an all-over burn. We’ll end with a nice long stretch to keep aches and pains at bay. You will feel exhilarated by the end. Promise.

Tuesday: Long and Lean Ladder Workout: a Ladder workout with toning exercises designed to help you wiggle back into your skinny jeans and cardio drills to leave you with a gorgeous glow.

Thursday: Hottie Yogalates! Nothing like a little mind/body challenge to cap off a fun but challenging week. Don’t forget to purchase your Fit Kit today!