It’s Monday. Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.

Happy Sunday ladies,

I hope you’ve had a relaxing couple days and are surviving this mini heat wave. I think the kind people at Posh Rosh on Fulham Road might still be laughing about the sweaty American who busted in on Friday and in one fell swoop cleared their shelves of all remaining fans, kiddie pools and sunscreen. Saturday evening we strolled over to Bishops Park for a viewing of throwback film Empire Records. Yes, this film is the very reason you tell your coworkers or husband “don’t let the man get you down” and “damn the man” after any grueling day at work. The setup was perfect: £10 gets you a seat with plenty of leg room on the grass under the stars with your blanket, cooler of cold drinks and takeout. I’m hard pressed to imagine a more perfect way to spend a lazy summer Saturday night. My, what an exciting life I lead 😉



Here’s what’s in store for the week:

Monday: Circuit: 45 seconds each station with plenty of water breaks to beat the heat!

Tuesday: Howdy Partner: pair up and hold each other accountable in this brand new partner workout to tone you from head to toe.

Thursday: Stretch and Sweat: get long and lean by alternating Pilates-inspired moves with plyometric cardio exercises to end the week with a gorgeous glow 😉

For those of you on the 6 Week Summer Slimdown cursing me for all this water you’ve been forced to drink daily, this:



See you tomorrow!


Carpe le weekend

How did you all spend your weekend? I am back to London after a long weekend spent with Grammy Pritz and Pops (my parents) in Normandy, France. If anyone has even a remote interest in World War II and the invasion on D Day, I can’t recommend this quick trip enough and have the perfect B&B, tour guide, and restaurant choices for you too. No matter where your relatives were in the world before, on, and after June 6, 1944 and what side they were on, you more than likely have a personal story that ties back to this turning point in history. I’d love to hear them!

The Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 as my grandfather was preparing to graduate from Providence College in Rhode Island. He was nervous about being rejected from the draft due to poor eyesight. Nonetheless, he was drafted into the service and shipped off to Bootcamp (unfortunately not the Buggy Bootcamp variety). After a few months of training, 99% of his fellow soldiers were shipped off to North Africa. Due to his large brain (which I didn’t inherit) and invisible biceps (which I did), Grandpa Jim was tapped to go to Officer Candidate School in California. From there he was shipped to Brisbane, Australia and over the next three years went to The Philippines, Okinawa, and ultimately Tokyo working in Intelligence as First Lieutenant. The war ended in August of 1945 and he began his studies at Harvard Law School. He met my grandma shortly thereafter before being called to serve in the Korean War. He said to my grandma, “well I guess that’s it”, to which my grandmother replied, “well it doesn’t have to be. We could get married.” And so they did. 7 kids and 23 grandchildren later, here I am with my grandfather’s first son on a plane back from the boiling point of World War II, trying to picture what it was like as the world sacrificed hundreds of millions of fine young men and women to secure the free world we live in today. Carpe le weekend and go visit this beautiful historic part of the world if you have not done so already.

This week we will be continuing class on Mon, Tues, and Thursday despite the bank holiday tomorrow. We have some fun classes so clear your morning plans and meet us:

Monday: HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training: one of the best ways to rev your metabolism, torch major calories, and enjoy an endorphin-high for the rest of the day. Exercises will follow an easy/medium/difficult format in 30 second intervals. Get excited.

Tuesday: Mom Friends are the best friends. Partner up for a full-on sweat session and leave with a new friend.

Thursday: wind down with a slightly less intense cardio workout focused on melting fat and deep therapeutic stretching for your achy breaky parts.

Have you bought your Fit Kit yet? Your £35 donation to Bliss, the foundation that raises funds for families with preemie babies desperately needing extra care and support, earns you a Buggy Bootcamp t-shirt in cozy soft cotton, a resistance band, 3 at-home workouts, and 3 delicious smoothies high in fiber, protein, and vitamins to help you get in the best shape of your life. Summer is approaching… What are you waiting for?

Anyone looking for a sitter/nanny? One of the girls who used to watch C and M just texted me that she is available! This girl is fan.tas.tic. and I cannot recommend her enough. My kids love her, and they are a tough sell. She will tidy up well while your little one is napping. She is available starting next week. Email me if you would like more info.

See you tomorrow!